Airlock LLC

Company Description

We specialize in new residential construction.  We are able to meet the workload of the HVAC contractors or home builders that we work for, providing them with exceptional service and value.  Our goal is to create a long term relationship with builders or other contractors that is beneficial to us both. 

We are experts in Home Energy and Energy Codes.  We provide certified testing (Blower Door and Duct Leakage Tests), comprehensive turn-key solutions for Air Sealing and Duct Sealing, and consulting to help builders, HVAC contractors, and homeowners meet strict energy standards such as Energy Star, Net Zero, Passive House, and state codes.

We are one of the nations Top 10 dealers in Aeroseal, the best duct sealing technology available, as well as a top Aerobarrier dealer, which is the most effective envelope sealing system. Our expertise can help you pass whatever requirements your project has with ease. 


Building Materials & Supplies

  • Energy Assessments & Auditors

HVAC, Insulation & Moisture

  • Heating, Ventilation, AC (HVAC) Contractors